We provide care to Cats, Dogs and exotic pets. Our services include:

Pain Management: We are committed to managing your pets pain for their comfort.

Surgery: Pain management, patient safety, patient comfort, anesthetic monitoring, patient recovery are some of our highest priorities. We are able to provide laser surgery, laparoscopic surgery, orthopedic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, cancer surgery and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Wethered has a passion for surgery, and attends many conferences in order to continue to provide excellence for his clients and patients.

Dentistry: Pets need dental care too. The most basic need is to have their teeth kept clean and their mouth to be infection and pain free. Well trained technician staff, quality dental equipment, digital dental x rays and gentle anesthesia all help make teeth cleaning safer.

Medicine: Without a proper diagnosis, medical care becomes a guessing game. We have an in-house laboratory that can give rapid results leading us on the way to a diagnosis. A high quality digital x ray machine. digital ultrasound machine, and endoscope help us look inside your pet to further aid us in making the correct diagnosis so we can make better treatment decisions.

Well Pet Care: Well Pet examinations, preventive immunizations, preventive dentistry, laparoscopic spays, traditional spays using laser, neuters using laser, behavior counseling, breed selection counseling, internal and external parasite control and more allow us to help keep your pet healthy and enhance the relationship you have with your pet.

Boarding: We provide a loving, safe boarding kennel for your pet when you need to leave them for what ever reason. We can provide doggy day care while you’re at work, or extended stay vacations when you’re away. Our kennel is secure, and has large spatious dog runs with skylights, a large outdoor fenced yard and the availability of group play so your dog can get lots of exercise. We also have a cat exclusive room with a window so your cat can enjoy the view away from the dogs.

Grooming: We have two groomers that are usually available 6 days a week. Call and make an appointment with our receptionists.

End of life Services: There comes a time when it is necessary to say good bye to your pet. This is never an easy time and we offer counseling before and after your pets passing in order to help you make the best decisions for this time in your pets life. We also have our own crematorium so that we can make this time the most dignified for your pet.

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